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Not sure you have enough space?

Never grown edibles before?

Don’t want to give up the livable space that you have grown to love?

At Edible Landscaping Ottawa, our goal is to have organically grown edibles in every backyard in Ottawa so let’s start with yours!

Do not fear – we are happy to show you how to design, plant and grow your own food!

Have an outdoor project that you need a little help with?

A space that you can’t decide what to do with?

Edible Landscaping Ottawa can help you create the space that you have always dreamed of.

No job is too big or too small for us.

Love your outdoor space but hate the work?

Let us do the heavy lifting for you so that you can get back to doing the important things, like enjoying summer!

Edible Landscaping Ottawa offers various maintenance packages to accommodate the needs of our residential and commercial clients. If you have a maintenance need look no further!


There are many wonderful reasons for growing your own food but here are some for your consideration:

- Eat Fresh! Eat Local!

Picking your food straight from your backyard is about as local as it gets! The benefits of this marvellous convenience apply to a broader picture known as carbon footprint or 'foodprint' as your food hasn't had to travel thousands of miles to reach you!

- Food Security!

Connecting people, and community, to their food sources has a plethora of benefits from social and recreational to improved ecological health in a region. But what does 'Food Security' mean? It means having a reliable source or access to a sufficient amount of nutritious food. For more information about Food Security in the Ottawa area, and how you can take part in improving our citys food security, visit Ottawa Food Policy Council to learn more.

- Healthy Choices!

Growing your own food empowers you to make choices about the methods used during the growing stages. This means you can eat in-season, ripe food that has avoided pesticides, fungicides, artifical fertislisers, Genetically modified ingredients to name a few, frequently used in commercial farming practises. Have a peek at 'Top 10 Reasons to Go Organic'.

- Cost!

Growing your own food, allowing plants to naturally 'do their thing', means you're not paying grocery store prices! The Ottawa valleys growing conditions allow for a wide selection of food growing plant types.

- Health Benefits!

Not too surprisingly there are health benefits from the process of simply gardening. See some personal testimonys in '6 Health Benefits of Gardening''.

At Edible Landscaping Ottawa, We make that backyard dream a reality.


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