A new facelift for a beautiful property in South Keys

This client had just purchased a beautiful property in the South Keys area of Ottawa. The previous owner had become unable to take care of the outdoor space so it required a landscaping facelift.

During the consult, we talked about merging a couple of the front garden beds and bringing in straighter lines as this was more in-line with the client’s preference. They also desired symmetry for the space so we replaced a number of the garden beds with evenly spaced boxwoods and hostas. These beautiful shrubs would add some green to the front gardens and the hostas do really well in shady areas which they had an abundance of. Natural pine mulch was used to finish off the front beds to minimize the maintenance and add some pop to the green boxwoods and hostas we had just planted.

After a few discussions about further changes, we decided with the owners to leave the gardens for the rest of the summer and see how they liked the look before discussing next steps for this coming year. I am looking forward to infusing a few edibles into this landscape but we will see how the owners feel about that.