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Our Staff is growing every year and we are happy to finally get Jennifer Roy to join us as our new manager and designer.


"There are no gardening mistakes, only experiments."

— Janet Kilburn Phillips

Edible Landscaping was founded in Ottawa in 2013. This year, we are looking forward to building bigger and better edible landscapes for families throughout the Ottawa region.

At Edible Landscaping, we are passionate about sharing our knowledge about living and eating sustainably, no matter how much property our clients have.

We understand that there needs to be balance which is why we strive to have livable space and edibles be one with each other!  This is why our designs have edible infusion as the platform. We want spaces that our clients love to be in but that also allow them to have healthy organically grown produce at their fingertips.

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Gavin Morrison

Owner and builder

Gavin Morrison is the owner, designer and builder – he  and his team do all the heavy lifting so you don’t have to! Growing up in Eastern Ontario, Gavin spent his childhood summers digging in his parents’ vegetable patch.  He and his father spent many a sun-soaked summer’s day improving and building upon their family property.

Fast-forward to 2013, as Gavin’s young family grew, he found himself craving the juicy, fresh seasonal fruit and vegetables that came from his family garden so he did what any die hard do-it-yourself-er would do: he built his own garden.

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Jennifer Roy

Manager and Designer

I lived in North Wales on a small holding, growing organic produce, raising livestock and generally relying on mother nature to provide. Intrigued and inspired by the 'cycle of life' I began learning practices that enabled me to work in collaboration with nature.

Permaculture principles, Biodynamic practices and Organic Master Gardening methods are applied when I draft a design/plan. Drawing from the awe of the beautiful valleys and mountains that surrounded me as a child, I work to integrate shape, texture and plant combinations to suit each client.

My experiences in design and food management include working on organic farms/ecovillages, Community Supported Agriculture programs and WWOOF'ing.


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