A New Deck in Vanier

Small Space, Big Plans

‘Come over for a beer’ he says. Well one beer turned into a three hour consult about my friend’s little space and his big plans. Oh —and not to mention the tight timelines.

No pressure! Right there I learned lesson number two:

Never go anywhere without a tape measure, note pad and pencil.

This project had some unique quirks about it such as a slopping backyard with a gully at the end and it was north facing which limits the amount of quality sunshine. These needed to be addressed so that the client could have the space they wanted.

They desired a bbq area, sitting area as well as space to run and grow edibles and non-edibles. This was an amazing opportunity as the job required creative ways to allow the client to have everything they desired in their small space.

We decided that we would build a two-tier deck which would have enough space for the bbq on the upper level and plenty of sitting space below. We pushed the lower deck as close to the house as possible to utilize what little space they had. With the two decks, as well as a high fence on the east side of the backyard, it gave us ample room to build planting boxes on the fence and hung from the railings. By growing up instead of out, it enabled the client to increase the square footage of their gardening while taking up very little actual floor space.

I encouraged them the split up the construction as it was late in the season and therefore not ideal to try and start planting then. We agreed to finish the beds this coming spring but that we would get the decking done then.

Work commenced the follow weekend with the client, his dad and myself working together to remake this outdated space. I so enjoyed having the client and his father be so involved in the process, as the look of satisfaction on their faces when the deck was done was priceless and I know that they are invested in the space that they just built.

On to the next challenge!