A complete backyard makeover on Parkdale

Parkdale Makeover

This has been my most challenging and exciting job to date. I was given a blank slate to work with in this backyard. It was a complete removal and redo which was both exciting and scary as it was completely my design. The client wanted a space for eating, a space for the bbq, grass to run on and an area that was for their daughter.

afterInterlock Walkway

I enlisted the help of Customer Interlocking and Landscape Design to remove the old driveway and put in a beautiful walkway that became the focal point of the new entrance to the client’s backyard.

New Deck

After the removal was completed and the new walkway put in, it was time to start putting the backyard back together. The deck was the first project that needed to be completed. I had just bought a new mitre saw for my own raised bed project but this was going to be the real test for it’s abilities.  I am happy to say that it passed with flying colours. No matter the size of wood, the angle I wanted or the speed for which I needed another piece, the saw kept chugging along.

After two days of leveling, maneuvering, resizing due to the larger than expected shed, the deck was complete with a bench on the back, wrap around stairs and a new planter with trellis to conceal the shingled wall behind it. It turned out beautifully. Just enough space for a table and chairs and it smelled fantastic (Love working with cedar).

Gardens & Sod

The rest of this job went very smoothly with the shrubs fitting perfectly, the veggie garden taking root and top soil ready for sodding. Unfortunately for me, I picked one of the hottest days of the summer to order the sod which required the entire job to be finished in 24 hours. I took one look at the pile of sod that had just been dropped off and went home for an early dinner knowing that this was going to be a long night.

I finished laying the sod after dark, the client shining a light on the area where I was working and soon it was all finished, the backyard complete and put together. Just at that moment when I was chatting about the finished product with the client, a family of raccoons come down from the tree above and start picking up every corner of every piece of sod looking for food. All that hard work was gone in the hands of a family of raccoons.

Parkdale Complete!

The next morning when I came back to inspect damage, I was pleasantly surprised to see that the raccoons had put back many of the rolls of sod so ended up only taking an hour to fix up and complete.

First full backyard makeover complete. What are we on to next?