A brand new backyard for a Vanier family

A Client Referral ♥

This unique job in Vanier was a word of mouth referral from the Parkdale job. This is my favourite type of job as I am so pleased that our happy customers are telling others about the business and the work we do.

The client had just bought this home and it came with a jungle for a backyard. When Chris from Custom Interlocking and I came to do the initial consult, we had to hack our way along the side of the house just to get to the backyard. This whole backyard would have to go!

Beyond the jungle, I also had to tackle the drainage issues that existed. The current grading was forcing all of the water towards the back of the house so this change was built into the design to provide the client with a beautiful space that was extremely functional as well. The client had wanted to maximize this small space to include somewhere to sit, somewhere for their daughter to play, the ability to plant some gardens and a place to hang their South American hammock. Oh and a privacy fence for safety and security.

Custom Interlocking was brought in to assist with the removal of the old landscape, rebuilding of the retaining wall and a new patio for the family. Additional, Chris’s crew was able to help build the new fence with the assistance of their newest employee.

In the end, we were able to give the client everything they needed by being creative. I used the space under their deck to add extra space for their daughter, one planter was used as a divider to give the feel of multiple spaces and the newly built fence provided a perfect spot for hammock relaxation.

Another successful collaboration!

Vanier 2 photos “Before & After”