Project Management

A Cover Up Story

This client had a problem. They were forced to take down a tree in their backyard but the stump couldn’t be taken out. It was too big to hack out and the walkway was too small to bring in a stump grinder. The client loved to garden and already possessed a beautifully manicured space so(…)


A brand new backyard for a Vanier family

A Client Referral ♥ This unique job in Vanier was a word of mouth referral from the Parkdale job. This is my favourite type of job as I am so pleased that our happy customers are telling others about the business and the work we do. The client had just bought this home and it(…)


A complete backyard makeover on Parkdale

Parkdale Makeover This has been my most challenging and exciting job to date. I was given a blank slate to work with in this backyard. It was a complete removal and redo which was both exciting and scary as it was completely my design. The client wanted a space for eating, a space for the(…)