Out with the driveway, In with a new sod playground

Westboro Playground

Our clients in Westboro had a beautiful house with a huge driveway but no car. They were sacrificing backyard space for a driveway that they had no use for — so we decided to reduce the size of the driveway and add additional backyard space so their son had more room to play and a space to run free.

It started off as a pretty simple job: get rid of the asphalt and some of the hard packed gravel and replace it with new soil and then sod the entire space. Once the driveway had been cut it became abundantly clear that this was NOT going to be a simple removal. There were at least 2 layers of asphalt and in some places it was half a foot thick. My friend who was coming in to help me remove it called just after we finished cutting to let me know that his bobcat was not cooperating that morning so it was going to be pick axes, shovels and back breaking labour. Perfect!

5 hours and two trailers full of driveway later, I was ready to replace with soil and sod. Thankfully that went smoothly and the job was completed just in time for dinner!