Edible Infusion

At Edible Landscaping Ottawa, our goal is to have organically grown edibles in every backyard in Ottawa so let’s start with yours!

Not sure you have enough space? Never grown edibles before? Don’t want to give up the livable space that you have grown to love? Do not fear – we would be happy to show you how you can have it all.

Small Spaces

Let’s Go Vertical! Growing up can be a really easy way to expand your planting space without taking up any living space. Incorporating fences, trellises or pergolas into the garden design can allow you to continue enjoying your space while giving you the ability to reach over and pick your salad for dinner.

Edible Newbie

Gavin is a teacher in a landscaper’s uniform. His passions are helping others succeed and good healthy foods. He has the skills to build you a successful garden and the ability to teach you how to nurture the edibles to life. Along with hands on training, Gavin runs an edible blog that gives tips and tricks so that his clients can keep learning year after year.

Cohesive Existence

Let livable space and edibles be one with each other! We understand the importance of enjoying your space and not feeling like you live in a vegetable patch. This is why all of our designs have edible infusion as the platform. We want spaces that our clients love to be in but that also allow them to have healthy organically grown produce at their fingertips.

Some examples of Edible Infusion:

  • Raised Bed Gardens
  • Vertical Fence Gardens
  • Patio Planter Boxes
  • Blueberry Hedges
  • Repurposing of current garden beds to incorporate edibles within

If you want to experience the joy of edible infusion, give us a call; we would love to show you how fun it can be!