“Reuse” is the name of the game in Brockville

This client has a beautiful spot on the St. Lawrence near Brockville. He wanted to grow some tomatoes and peppers by the water. Over the course of the previous year, he had composted large piles of seaweed that had washed up on the shore. This nutrient rich soil was going to be the base of his garden. He had also dragged a number of old logs out of the St. Lawrence and they were just sitting around.

On-site Materials perfectly adapted for Reuse

As I do with many of my projects, I try to reuse what is already on site first before purchasing new materials. As mentioned in previous blogs, there are two main reasons for trying to reuse which are: 1. The new area will blend into the rest of the space rather than sticking out. This gives the space a natural flow between the various elements. 2. Reusing reduces the amount of waste that I create with each job as well as the price tag that the owner has to pay.

Over the course of a few hours, we had the planter built with the driftwood, the soil filled in behind all being held together with rocks from the beach. Only the plants had to be brought in from the local farmers market to complete this beautiful garden by the water.


Brockville  -raised bed after

Brockville Project -raised bed “after”